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A reading nook incorporated into the library is a very charming idea, especially when you have a large window with a glorious view. Surrounded by tall shelves, filled with books, instantly induces a sense of coziness. But grand window or not, this idea is a great one for making use of a narrow space, that otherwise might be wasted due to its awkward size. So if you have a small narrow space you don’t know what to do with, consider setting up a cozy bench (preferably with storage capabilities) and keeping it company with some tall bookshelf companions.

Wolf Suschitzky: Charing Cross, London, 1937


everyones getting in relationships and I can’t even find my other sock

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Chews Plants.
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Tilly enters the enchanted forest. #japan #mtfuji #UTMF #trailrunning  (at 精進湖 (Lake Shoji-ko))